Ashley Hise

grade school teacher

Ashley Hise grew up exploring the lakes and rivers of the Northwoods. Thereby giving her a sense of adventure and a deep connection to the natural environment. She and her husband have a passion for mountain biking, kayaking and venturing out with their son, Taos. She studied Art Education at the University of Minnesota in Duluth, is a ceramic artist at the Duluth Art Institute, and Grades Teacher at Spirit of the Lake.

The Waldorf method especially rang true for her after studying educational psychology and working as a teaching assistant for several philosophy of education classes at the University of Minnesota. Ashley believes the Waldorf curriculum addresses the needs of the child in engaging a will to learn and create through movement, emotion, wonder, and the celebration of life.

At Spirit of the Lake, the sense of caring-responsibility, community and warmth allow the children to fully connect to each other and their teacher. As a teacher, her goals are to develop passionate interests and healthy life habits in her students.