Sharing a meal is a simple, yet sacred occasion.  It is a universal act that is important to building relationships and cultivating community.  Dining is about “us”, rather than the “I” that our culture has evolved to cater to. There isn’t a separate menu for each person.  If someone doesn’t like something they are given a dab, just in case this is the day it suddenly tastes good, which often happens. 

Children are most enthusiastic about the dishes they help create.  It is a perfect opportunity for them to observe appropriate table manners, etiquette, and social skills, and then put them into practice through imitation.  The meals are warm and nutritious, infusing our space with delicious smells that stimulate the appetite.  We work together as a team to prepare the food and set the table. When every child is responsible for the outcome, they are often more accepting of it, and the children's eating habits improve with this feeling of "ownership." Listening and communication skills also grow as we practice hearing and responding to our friends.