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Advent Spiral (Grades)

In early December, this festival of light celebrates a kindling of the inner light as winter draws close and days grow shorter. It represents the shining inner glow that each of us carries, showing that when each individual light shines, a great collective light is also lit. The beautiful spiral of evergreen boughs is created at the grade school, and all children are invited to participate in this school-day activity.

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4:30 PM16:30

Stone Soup

Break bread with us! A warm and informal gathering, Stone Soups are a chance for you and/or your family to join our extended school family for an evening of nourishing soup, conversation, and laughter. We provide the soup, and ask you to bring a dish to pass.

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Give to the Max Day!

Donate today at Give to the Max!

We have exciting news! Spirit of the Lake has been awarded a $1000 matching gift by Vela Strategy of Duluth! This will bring us much closer to our overall goal of raising $2000 for our amazing school. Please consider making an online donation anytime between now and the end of November 16th to contribute to our wider mission of providing thoughtful, intentional, and holistic education to students Preschool through 8th grade. Remember, any donation made now until November 16th is eligible to be selected for golden ticket drawings of an additional $1000. On November 16th, there will be hourly golden ticket drawings of $1000. 

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Stone Soup

Break bread with us! A warm and informal gathering, Stone Soups are a chance for you and/or your family to join our extended school family for an evening of nourishing soup, conversation, and laughter. We provide the soup, and ask you to bring a dish to pass. 

Held at the KinderFarm location.

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5:00 PM17:00

Lantern Walk (KF and 2nd Grade)

The Lantern Walk provides a twinkling reminder of our own inner light as the days grow shorter.  All school children along with their families and teachers gather at dusk at a nearby park to form a glowing procession with handmade lanterns and song. Following the reverent walk, we gather for a warm drink before parting ways.

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8:10 AM08:10

Dia de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is a celebration that comes from the blend of the pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican cultures and the Spanish Catholics. The indigenous cultures of Mexico believed that the souls of the departed returned to visit during this time of year. To this day, families gather to remember those who have gone, with stories, singing, dancing, and sharing a feast composed of their remembered loved ones’ favorite foods. The customs for Día de los Muertos are as diverse as a simple offering of flowers at the tombs of the loved ones to creating beautiful and artistic altars to honor family members who have crossed over. Each year, SLCS grades students create an altar in a common gathering space. Everyone is invited to bring photographs of loved ones and pets who have passed on, as well as flowers, candles, and any special mementos that hold their memory. Students are then given opportunities to share stories with their classmates.

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12:00 PM12:00

Indigenous Peoples' Day

Noon in Priley Gardens, outside of Duluth City Hall, there will be a ceremony to commemorate Indigenous People's Day. A Mayoral Proclamation will be issued following remarks by community leaders. In the case of inclement weather, the event will move to the great hall on the first floor of City Hall.

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Michaelmas Play & Early Release

Michaelmas is a festive occasion to mark the last of summer’s warmth and to celebrate new beginnings. The meaning of the festival year can be understood on a deeper and more significant level if we are able to view the whole of the earth as a living organism, a concept which was much more alive for humanity in ages past.

The image of St. Michael with his golden sword piercing the darkness wells up in us, giving us the courage to face the darkening earth. With autumn, the earth draws into herself, and we also begin to draw into ourselves. Winter is the season of inner contemplation. When we look within ourselves, who knows what dragons we will find? The struggle of St. George and the dragon is also a powerful image at Michaelmas. There is not only courage needed to deal with the outer cold and darkness, but also within ourselves courage is called upon to shine light on those personal challenges we face as socially and morally-maturing human beings. To honor this time of year, the grade school children perform a Michaelmas play and family and friends gather afterwards for a picnic lunch.

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6:00 PM18:00

The Grades Open House

Monday, August 21, 2017, 6 pm - 8pm
Spirit of the Lake Community School
819 N. 18th Ave. E., Duluth, Minnesota 55812

We open our grade school doors and welcome any interested families to tour our classrooms, meet our teachers and staff, and ask questions. Learn, see, feel and experience the characteristics that make SLCS (inspired by the Waldorf education impulse) a unique and embracing space for children. 

The Grades (1st through 8th grade)
Art, music, nature and place-based learning... These are fundamentals to our grades curriculum.

A Unique Approach
Guided by the Waldorf approach, we preserve and respect the awe and wonder of childhood with developmentally appropriate lessons that maintain a connection to the natural world and speak to the child’s imagination. We believe this is the most effective way to challenge, educate and support children. Our teachers stay with the same class from grades one through eight, building sustained relationships which allow for a more personalized understanding of each child. From this, a vibrant classroom community naturally develops, nurturing compassionate student relationships.
We value a green school environment and utilize natural and non-toxic materials while making meaningful connections to the land and our community.

The Art of Education
Our goal is to support each student in developing to his or her highest potential. We encourage the child's artistic, creative and imaginative life, and provide a strong base in academic studies. 

Inspired by the Waldorf impulse, lessons are infused with joy, creativity, and compassion. This stimulates higher-level thinking, develops emotional intelligence, and inspires artistic expression.

Subjects are taught in such a way that the whole child is involved in the learning process, including writing and illustrating their own lesson books beginning in first grade. This interdisciplinary approach presents a wide range of subjects to the children at the developmentally appropriate time, including mathematics, literature, creative writing, botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, physiology, history, geography, and more. The children also receive painting, drawing, movement, and sculpture classes weekly. Specialty teachers further enrich the school experience with lessons in handwork, woodwork, Ojibwe language and culture, and instrumental and vocal music.

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May Faire

May Faire is based on an ancient Northern Hemisphere tradition that celebrates the arrival of Spring and Summer. We join together as a full community to make garlands and simple crafts, sing, dance, play games and dance around the May Pole. Symbolizing the tree of life and new growth, the May Pole dance is a joyful weaving together of colorful ribbons by young and old. 

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