Parents are eagerly invited and strongly encouraged to share their skills and capacities in collaboration with the school. As integral members of the school community, all parents are asked to bring their energy and enthusiasm to help out as well as lead school-wide and classroom events and activities. 

Parents may be invited to serve the school as board members, committee members or Parent Council. The Parent Council has representatives from each class and in essence is comprised of the whole parent body. The work that Parent Council encompasses is in the realm of faculty support, outreach, community events, friend-raising and working to be a presence in our larger Duluth community. Active participation in the collective task of building and developing the school contributes to a healthy community and the school's primary goal: helping the children to fully develop their capacities. 

When parents tap into the natural inspiration they have for their children's growth and well-being, the gifts they bring forward enrich the entire school community. This is the only way we can really co-create the communal core of our school.