Parents and guardians are eagerly invited and strongly encouraged to share their skills and capacities in collaboration with the school. As integral members of the school community, all parents are asked to bring their energy and enthusiasm to help out as well as lead school-wide and classroom events and activities. 

Parents and guardians are welcome to serve the school as board members, committee members or by joining Parent Council. The Parent Council has representatives from each class and in essence is comprised of the whole parent body. The work that Parent Council encompasses is in the realm of faculty support, outreach, community events, friend-raising and working to be a presence in our larger Duluth community. Active participation in the collective task of building and developing the school contributes to a healthy community and the school's primary goal: helping the children to fully develop their capacities. 

When parents tap into the natural inspiration they have for their children's growth and well-being, the gifts they bring forward enrich the entire school community. This is the only way we can really co-create the communal core of our school. 

Board of Directors

  • Tammy Fox

  • Nancy Lewis (Faculty)

  • Ted Lewis

  • Angela Medjrich (Administration)

  • Kim Nordin

  • Jocelyn Strand

Board Documents

Board Bylaws

Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the SLCS Board are held the first Monday of each month during the school year from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Grades location. Meeting minutes, including all business except personnel matters and other confidential issues, are available to the public upon request.

  • Items for Discussion: Anyone can submit items to be included for discussion at a Board meeting. For consideration, submit your item in writing to discover@slcsduluth.org at least one week prior to the scheduled Board meeting. Such agenda items will be subject to time constraints at the Board meeting.


Development Committee

The Development Committee’s work encompasses the realm of creating sustainability for our school by reaching out to the greater community for the purposes of increasing enrollment, fundraising, and broadening community support and involvement.


  • Jocelyn Strand

  • Ivy Nelson

  • Josie Scheiterlein

  • Georgia Lane

  • Kayla Krasselt

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee’s work encompasses the realm of creating sustainability for our school through setting, maintaining, tracking, and overseeing the yearly budget.

Site Committee

The Site Committee’s work encompasses the realm of creating sustainability for our school through being primarily responsible for the school’s physical aspects. It covers both long-range and short-range visioning, carrying out of defined visions in the buildings we occupy, and beautification of grounds and interior space.

Guidance Committee

The Guidance Committee is comprised of a small group of teachers and parents who agree to tend to the conflicts that can arise within the school community. Their role is to offer compassionate, objective and clear listening with follow-through guidance.