At Spirit of the Lake Community School, students are immersed in a fully-integrated learning experience through our rich array of specialty classes that compliment and extend the core academic subjects. Classes are led by qualified specialists who help students develop the practical and physical aspects of a challenging - yet enjoyable - and well-rounded education.



Learning through doing and learning through creating are both fundamental to SLCS's approach to working with children. We draw inspiration from the Waldorf approach, which considers that both thinking and understanding arise out of activity and movement, Further, practical work has a harmonizing effect on the child's thinking, feeling and willing. 

Handwork is integrated into the curriculum; it is experienced within a context related to the practical life in age-appropriate ways. Not done for its own sake, its purpose is to awaken capacities within the children. 

2nd Language: SPANISH 


Spanish language and culture lessons are part of the weekly curriculum beginning in grade one. Using primarily an immersion approach, common Spanish phrases, songs, and games are brought to the children in a way that carries them into the stream of the language's intonations and basic patterns. As children move through the grades, they learn to read and write in Spanish, which further develops flexibility of thought.

Children's capacity to empathize with another's way of seeing the world grows as they learn about the cultures, customs, traditions and histories of Spanish-speaking countries. 



Music can have a unifying effect on the polarized tendency in children to be either expressively artistic or logically academic -- it leads to higher-order thinking by facilitating a combination of both. 

In grades one and two, children play the pentatonic flute daily, under the guidance of their classroom teacher. Recorder lessons begin in grade three. In grade four, a music specialist is brought in to instruct the children on stringed instruments.