2018 Summer Camps

We are pleased to offer summer 2018 camps to children ages 4-8!  Session themes include Elements, Plants and Animals; Story and Theatre; and Music and Dance.

Age 4: Hours: 9:00-12:00; Cost: $225/session
Ages 5-8: Hours: 9:00-3:00; Cost: $450/session
Located at KinderFarm, 2720 Myers Avenue, Duluth


Session 1: 
June 18-July 6

Elements, Plants, and Animals

In these first weeks of summer we will come to appreciate the many gifts of the elements. We will bake bread grown from the light of the sun, the gift of rain, and the nourishment of the earth. We will also explore how plants find nourishment by cultivating our own gardens, playing in streams, and meeting the many local plants and animals of the summer. We will also play and create with our surroundings by building sundials, making sun-tea, and making our own bird-feeders. These weeks will be focused on cultivating a sense of wonder for the natural world.


Session 2: 
July 9-27

Story and Theatre

The great outdoors excites the imagination. In these weeks
we will explore how imagination and story can enliven the world around us. We will tell each other stories of fairy-folk, woodland creatures, and local legends, culminating in a final week focused on bringing stories to life through a series of performances and a collection of crafts we will make together. These weeks are focused on celebrating
place and summer itself by bringing stories of the greater Duluth area and the natural
world to life.


Session 3: 
July 30-August 17

Music and Dance

Through these late weeks of summer, we will celebrate the
coming harvest and prepare for the return to school through music and dance. In the first week we will take the time to make our own musical instruments. With instruments and lively voices at the ready we will forge ahead with rhythm and tone, celebrating the summer behind us and honoring the bounty of the earth through circle and contra dances,
songs and stories, all while enjoying the warmth of the summer sun. These weeks will be focused on finding voice, rhythm, and joy with which to say farewell to summer and
welcome the coming autumn.