There is no task of greater importance than to give our children the very best preparation for the demands of an ominous future, a preparation that aims at the methodical cultivation of their spiritual and their moral gifts. As long as the exemplary work of the Waldorf School Movement continues to spread its influence as it has done over the past decades, we can all look forward with hope. I am sure that Rudolf Steiner’s work for children must be considered a central contribution to the twentieth century and I feel it deserves the support of all freedom-loving thinking people.”
— Bruno Walter, Composer and Conductor


Spirit of the Lake Community School strives to welcome each and every child and family interested in this healing, holistic, inspiring educational model. In order to do this, we need the financial support from our greater community.

Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating our children, and at Spirit of the Lake, we make every effort to keep tuition at a sustainable rate for families. We want our education open to any and all who desire it.

Spirit of the Lake Community School is more than a school; we are a community. We are a caring, vibrant, open community, providing an alternative education for children in Duluth and the surrounding areas.

We foster imagination, the sense of wonder, and awe in our children. We strongly believe in protecting childhood and nurturing the individual. As our children grow, they develop the capacity to observe, create, and think of possibilities that await us. Our children develop deep connections with the environment and all of humanity in our rich, holistic curriculum.

Your donation goes a long way in helping us establish a scholarship fund for families in need. We hope you’ll support us on this journey, for the children.